Vintage Knitting Patterns 048 Bonnets and Mitts from WonkyZebra

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Two beautiful Fair Isle hat and mitten patterns.
A real nostalgic heirloom set to make, inspired by the Sonja Henie rage in the 1930’s.
(See other listing for a fab adult Sonja Henie* pattern.)
These two patterns are so similar and cover adjoining ages so I have included both together.
The colour pattern does NOT have charts but only has row by row written instructions; black and white pattern has charts AND row by row instructions as well.

Colour pattern B2847
Size 2-3Years 2oz plus 1oz contrast - 3-ply for set
Tension; 34stitches and 44 rows 4inch 10cm no11 needles
Around face edge of bonnet 13” unstretched
Around hand above thumb 5.5inches overall length 6inches

Black and white pattern 923
Size 3-6Years 2oz dark, 1oz light- “Fingering wool” for set.
Tension; black and white set 32 stitches by 40rows over stocking stitch equals 4inch or 10cm square No11 needles.
Tension over Fair Isle pattern; 34 by 34 rows equals 4inch or 10cm square on No11 needles.
Measurement around front edge of bonnet 17inches , Mittens length 7inches.
*Sonje Henie famous Norwegian Olympic skater and 20th Century Fox movie starlet or the 1930’s.

Vintage Knitting Patterns 048 Bonnets and Mitts from WonkyZebra

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