Vintage Knitting Pattern 047 Cropped Jacket 1392 from WonkyZebra

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Here’s a simple but stylish chunky knit jacket or “Bomber Top”, with or without a hood and seasonal banding.

Go for the full retro look with Fairisle banding (not too much, or too difficult, see the chart photo), or even easier, just make it plain.

Easy “mindless” knitting to snuggle up with for winter evening TV sessions! No offence intended (but sometimes a project that grows quickly with no brain ache is just what you need to relax.).

Size 32” to 40” (81 to 102cm) bust.

Knit on 5, 6and 6.5mm needles (uk 6,4,3)
Also needed; an open ended zip 16inch(41cm) for hooded version, 18” (46cm) no hood version.

You could of course work a button band if you prefer.

Takes 11 to 12 balls approx Patons Husky Chunky wool, tension given is 15stitches by 20rows to 4inches (10cm) on No6(uk4) needles.

Vintage Knitting Pattern 047 Cropped Jacket 1392 from WonkyZebra

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