Vintage Crochet Pattern 033 Lacey Gloves from WonkyZebra

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Go On. Get in touch with your inner lady; make these beautiful crocheted gloves for summer. They’ll be great for completing your whole vintage or retro look.

These gloves are not too complex and the scale of the lace makes them quite quick to crochet. My tip; like socks it is best if you work on left and right simultaneously – bit by bit, that way you get the same tension on each as you go – in case it varies a little next time you pick up the work.

Also you stand a better chance of finishing the whole pair instead of one and an “I’ve-lost-interest” half pair.

ps I have LOADS of similar glove patterns, including mens cotton gloves. If you would like to see others, convo and I will send you some pictures, I’m working on processing them all – it takes a while…

Vintage Crochet Pattern 033 Lacey Gloves from WonkyZebra

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