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Vintage Crochet Pattern 033 Lacey Gloves from WonkyZebra


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Vintage Crochet Pattern 005 Mother and Daughter Dress for Summer from WonkyZebra


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Vintage Knitting Patterns 048 Bonnets and Mitts from WonkyZebra


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Vintage Crochet Pattern PDF 169 Goddess Dress from WonkyZebra


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Vintage Crochet Pattern 051 Zesty Lime Bikinis from WonkyZebra


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Vintage Crochet Pattern 079 PDF Confirmation Dresses from WonkyZebra


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WonkyZebra Vintage Patterns

WonkyZebra Vintage Patterns. Enjoy a walk through vintage pattern land with WonkyZebra's collection. The collection is huge so not all are seen here; but a more complete list is at http://wonkyzebra.wordpress.com and any pattern can be put in the shop here on request :) ask if you are looking for something as I may have it
...and I always support all my patterns with help or advice if needed.